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Abstract: Crafting a Test Strategy

Some engineers working in actual production might share this:

“What you do in software development isn’t even considered ‘real’ engineering.“ 

They say that getting hands-on on the factory floor and dealing with materials and complicated parts – that’s where a ’true’ engineer feels at home.

On the flip side, some creative folks think of software development as a really creative process, like writing stories. They see us as magicians creating miracles with an Elf language. 

Inspired by this perspective, I chose to focus on a particular task: crafting test strategies. 

I’ll compare how testers go about it, how writers plan their novels, and what ’real’ engineers think about strategy.

The pyramid of story development, the method of defining the ideal outcome, and the standard Test Strategy Document. Together, we’ll figure out which of these three approaches works best in Quality Assurance. 

It’s a chance to pick up something new from the worlds of Creativity and Engineering.