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Abstract: 5 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Retrospective

You’re collecting feedback about the last sprint and your teammates return comments such as:

“It’s okay, there is nothing to review.”

“Everything was great, let’s skip the retro.”

However, you don’t feel that it went all that well; maybe your colleagues are too polite to speak up or simply find the whole process quite boring.

On the other hand, a complete lack of retro would frustrate some team members, slowly building up to a highly-charged atmosphere (a bit like the “calm before the storm”). 

We all have different mindsets and cultural backgrounds, and our moods and experiences can vary. There are also times when our colleagues may demonstrate a range of behaviors, including anything from positive, negative, and bored to totally distracted.

Now could be the time to stop holding a standard STAR retro every week and instead, select an approach that best suits each individual situation.

I’ll be providing a brief overview of 5 different approaches, including Metaphors, Future Backward, and 3D.

After my talk, I hope you will be better equipped to choose whichever approach best aligns with your team’s mood and needs.